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Case Study

Superseal Vermin Prevention Study

Vermin can pose serious issues to the hygienic storage of food. Research carried out by ADAS suggested that the use of Superseal brush strip seals could be a major help in deterring vermin from entering food buildings.

Improved vermin prevention

Trials undertaken at ADAS Drayton investigated the effectiveness of Superseal brush strip seals at deterring rodent infestation in food buildings. The 3 week trial measured the consumption of food from 2 feeders by wild rats. In week 1 both feeders were left unsealed and monitored. In week 2 the most popular feeder (feeder 1) was sealed and week 3 feeder 1 was unsealed and feeder 2 sealed. The trials aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Superseal brush strip seals breaking the strong territorial and feeding habits set up by the rats.

The trials showed that sealing the feeders had the effect of totally breaking the habitual feeding habits in preference to an alternative food source, albeit less favoured. ADAS researchers commented that although these results do not imply that sealing a food building will have the effect of total vermin exclusion, the seals will prove an excellent deterrent against rats and mice.

As part of a complete vermin deterrent policy, Superseal brush strip seals form an essential component.

In addition to the protection of food in buildings, sealing around plant rooms in which electrical equipment is situated could reduce the risk to that equipment.

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