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  • Off the shelf

    Off the shelf

    Brushes purchasable online now and shipped to your door.

  • Antistatic Brushes

    Antistatic Brushes

    KOTI Antistatic Brushes ensure that any process requiring static dissipation or electrical conductivity runs smoothly and safely.

  • Brush Strip

    Brush Strip

    Standard and custom made brush strip solutions for sealing, guiding, cleaning and protecting without impairing moving parts.

  • Escalator Safetystrip

    Escalator Safetystrip

    Escalator Safetystrip from Kleeneze-KOTI provides a tactile reminder to passengers to keep clear of the hazard zones between the moving step and sidewall.

  • Gutterbrush


    Superseal Gutter Brush helps prevent the overflow of rain water by protecting gutters from becoming blocked.

  • Industrial and Technical Brushes

    Industrial and Technical Brushes

    Our tufted and technical brushes fulfil a variety of tasks in all industrial processes from agriculture to aerospace.

  • Power Tool and Finishing Brushes

    Power Tool and Finishing Brushes

    Whatever surface finish you’re looking for, our brush line up will deliver the quality, power and absolute reliability you need.

  • Rodent Brush

    Rodent Brush

    Tried, tested and extremely effective, Rodent Brush protects vital track side cabling from inquisitive and gnawing rodents.

  • Sweeping and Cleaning Brushes

    Sweeping and Cleaning Brushes

    Tough and durable and efficient, our brushes are built to meet the challenges of looking after an ever changing environment.

  • Twisted Brushes

    Twisted Brushes

    Versatile Twisted Brushes for cleaning, finishing, filtering and protecting. Ideal for automotive, domestic, industrial, and medical applications.