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Twisted Brushes

Traditional brushes with a modern twist

Regarded as one of the oldest brush making methods, our handy twisted brushes are as invaluable today as they have ever been. Used extensively in automotive, domestic, industrial, medical applications, twisted wire brushes will clean, finish, filter and guard components and property.

Suitable for use in power tools, by hand for cleaning and finishing or simply placed as filter and barrier, we provide twisted brush solutions in all sizes, materials and configurations.

  • General Twisted Brushes

    General Twisted Brushes

    Versatile Twisted Wire brushes perfect for cleaning and finishing interior bores, pipes, tubes and bottles. Custom made to your requirement.

  • Rodent Brush

    Rodent Brush

    Tried, tested and extremely effective, Rodent Brush protects vital track side cabling from inquisitive and gnawing rodents.

  • Superseal Gutter Brush

    Superseal Gutter Brush

    Superseal Gutter Brush helps prevent the overflow of rain water by protect gutters being blocked by leaves, twigs, birds and rodents.