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Industrial and Technical Brushes

Brush solutions for all industries

Designed and produced in here in the KOTI Group, we have developed a specialist knowledge of industrial and technical brushes to meet the specific demands of your application.

Our industrial and technical brushes fulfil a variety of tasks in almost everywhere from agriculture to aerospace. So whatever you need to get your production process moving quickly, safely and efficiently, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Brush Plates

    Brush Plates

    Brush Plates from KOTI-Dawson are perfect for transporting and guiding components without damage.

  • Disc Brushes

    Disc Brushes

    Ideal for surface preparation, cleaning and finishing applications, custom made Disc Brushes from deliver all round performance and reliability.

  • Lath Brushes

    Lath Brushes

    With an almost unlimited combination of materials and appearance, these slim and versatile brushes can be used to seal, support, guide, transport, clean, roughen and texture.

  • Quick Seal

    Quick Seal

    Unroll it, cut it and fit. Quick Seal is the flexible brush seal you can use anywhere. Supplied in compact and ready to use rolls, simply snip to length and fit.

  • Roller Brushes

    Roller Brushes

    Whether you are cleaning and treating surfaces, handling bulk materials or washing root vegetables, our roller brushes deliver the flexibility and all round performance to get the job done.

  • Belt Brushes

    Belt Brushes

    As the name suggests, these brushes have a flexible core which allows brush to adapt to almost any contour. Perfect for continous brushing and transporting delicate components

  • Special Models

    Special Models

    With almost unlimited options in shape and fill material and pattern, we'll hlep you create your own specially designed tufted and technical solution.