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Brush solutions for conveyors

Trapped material carryback

Prevention is key

Any issues have the potential to cause serious problems on your conveyor lines. For example, premature equipment failure, unexpected downtime, employee injuries, and more. Even if problems don’t reach a high level of severity, they can still result in unnecessary hazards and losses in productivity and efficiency. Therefore, a preventative approach to conveyor problems is always the best policy.

Trapped material

Many conveyors are fitted with rubber skirts, but this can cause major issues when using belts with cleats. As the cleat passes, the rubber skirt is raised creating a gap that allows material to get underneath This leads to blockages and trapped material which can wear belts and other components.

CONSKIRT is easy to install and incredibly effective. Flexible bristles form a constant barrier between the belt and the conveyor sides, especially on chevron belts, as it closes the gaps created by rubber skirts.

CONSKIRT is easily adjusted and can also be used on the inside and outside of conveyor hoppers.




Carryback is material that remains on the belt after the discharge or transfer and is perhaps the most common struggle for conveyor operators.

Why prevent carryback?

Cleaning belts are more than just a matter of cleanliness, because the best way to prevent carryback is to utilise one or more belt cleaners. Brushes installed at the bottom of the head drum ride against the conveyor belt to dislodge any excess material that may adhere to it.

Eliminating carryback by installing KOTI brush rings, roller brushes or brush strips can substantially improve efficiency and provide the following benefits:

  • Increase profitability – Reducing the cost of unnecessary clean-up and maintenance.
  • Less material loss – Cleaning belts at the drum head keeps bulk materials moving in the right direction through transfer points.
  • Longer lasting equipment – Carryback can adhere to rollers and idlers causing damage to belts and creating tracking issues
  • Lower energy costs – Cleaning belts removes added weight
  • Safer working environment – Reducing overspill on the floor and harmful dust in the air


Roller Brushes

Brush Rings

Brush Strips


You can read more about solutions for conveyors in this article or ask for more information below.


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