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All round brush strip & sealing solutions

Experience unmatched results with the KOTI-DAWSON brush strip range. Effortlessly remove debris, seal gaps, improve efficiency, and achieve precision. Our range of standard brush strips offer you the freedom to purchase only the brush or pair it with our choice of 3 different durable aluminium extrusions. (180, 90 and 45 degree). Our entire standard strip brush selection awaits and is primed for swift next day delivery.

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Standard strip brush range

Profile Size (P) KD Product No Trim (T) Gauge Length (L)
2.5mm ER03077003 12mm 0,15 3000mm
4mm ER04067002 15mm 0,15 3000mm
ER04067001 15mm 0,15 2500mm
ER04067003 22mm 0,15 3000mm
ER04187003 38mm 0,15 2500mm
5mm ER05067021 22mm 0,15 3000mm
ER05067006 25mm 0,15 2500mm
ER05087015 25mm 0,15 3000mm
ER05067009 33mm 0,25 3000mm
ER05067007 38mm 0,20 2500mm
ER05067020 45mm 0,25 3000mm
ER05067008 50mm 0,25 2500mm
ER05077015 50mm 0,25 3000mm
ER05077010 75mm 0,25 2500mm
8mm ER08067006 25mm 0,15 2500mm
ER08067007 38mm 0,20 2500mm
ER08067015 44mm 0,40 3000mm
ER08067008 50mm/Soft 0,25 2500mm
ER08067009 50mm/Stiff 0,60 2500mm
ER08067010 64mm 0,25 2500mm
ER08067011 75mm 0,60 2500mm
ER08067016 75mm 0,60 3000mm
ER08067013 100mm 0,60 3000mm
ER08067012 100mm 0,60 2500mm
ER08077056 150mm 0,60 2500mm
ER08067017 150mm 0,60 3000mm




Extrusion range

Profile Size (P) KD Product No Aluminium Extrusion Ref Length (L)
2.5mm AP01067026 ATV102 / 180˚ 3000mm
4mm AP01067013 ATV105 / 180˚ 3000mm
AP01067014 2500mm
AP01067016 ATV105 / 90˚ 3000mm
5mm AP01067007 ATV103 / 180˚ 3000mm
AP01067008 2500mm
AP01067011 ATV103 / 45˚ 3000mm
AP01067012 2500mm
AP01067009 ATV103 / 90˚ 3000mm
AP01067010 2500mm
8mm AP01067001 ATV101 / 180˚ 3000mm
AP01067002 2500mm
AP01067005 ATV101 / 45˚ 3000mm
AP01067006 2500mm
AP01067003 ATV101 / 90˚ 3000mm
AP01067004 2500mm
4mm AP01067025 ATV105 / Plastic 3000mm