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Agriculture, Food and Beverage


From sowing seeds and harvesting crops, to processing and packing produce, KOTI brush solutions ensure efficient production, minimal waste and maximum produce quality across many agricultural applications.

Growing consumer demand for healthier and fresher produce and environmental requirements to prevent erosion is driving the need for efficient, high grade washing and polishing of fruit and vegetables on the land with minimal preparation time.

KOTI Quick Snap roller brushes and spiral strip roller gently clean, polish and transport pomaceous fruit and root vegetables without damage, promoting greater product yield to fulfil customer demand.

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Tufted lath brushes and roller brushes meter and agitate seed, regulating sowing and over-seeding, preventing overspill and loss of valuable seed. During harvesting, tufted roller brushes gently remove vegetable tops without damaging to the produce or lift seeds from meadows and heaths whilst preserving wild habitats.

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Potato storage is one of the most energy demanding processes in agriculture, so controlling the cost of cooling energy is critical to the economic operation of stores. Fitting brush strip to common points of uncontrolled air leakage around doors and louvres, reduces hidden energy losses and safeguards against rodent intrusion and crop respiration.

Glass houses ensure the ideal climate to promote plant growth and yield. Brush strip seals on doors and louvres help maintain the perfect growing environment

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