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Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

KOTI brushes provide an effective solution to wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. Compliant with the most stringent hygiene standards, our brush solutions are custom designed to optimise your cleaning, handling and packaging operations.‚Äč

Sorting and packing

Ideal in pharmaceutical applications, our custom designed lath brushes, roller brushes and strip brushes provide a gentle, yet controllable interface for metering, conveying and inserting pills, positioning and guiding products, packaging and applying labels.

Crucial to process efficiency, safety and accuracy, STATSTRIP is a passive static eliminator designed to reduce in-process static build up. Tufted lath and roller brushes provide continually clean and wipe process equipment, and prevent cross-contamination in hygiene critical areas.

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> Guiding and inserting
> Applying pressure
> Conveying
> Metering
> Static elimination