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RODENTBRUSH is a flexible twisted in wire brush with an insulated, corrosion resistant core, flame retardant fill material and protective end caps. Available in standard lengths up to 5 metres, RODENTBRUSH carries a Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance No. PA05/01110

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Junction boxes and trackside ducting are warm dry places, irresistible to rodents. There are many points of access through which a determined rodent can squeeze and make a nest.

The problem

Problems occur because rats love to chew. As they gnaw through the protective plastic casing they dangerously expose the vital signal cable. With a break in the signal control, whole sections of railway are put out of use until the fault can be located and repaired. This results in expensive engineering costs and possible train delays.

The solution

Our specially designed RODENTBRUSH is easy to use, and incredibly effective. Tests prove rodents do not like the feel of RODENTBRUSH filament on their faces and whiskers.

In trackside ducting, RODENTBRUSH can be laid on top of the cables, filling the cavity and preventing rats from entering. In signal boxes and enclosures, RODENTBRUSH can be pushed into any gaps and spaces at the base of the compartment to act as a deterrent to inquisitive rats.

Unlike other forms of pest control, RODENTBRUSH can be easily removed for routine maintenance and then replaced for ongoing cable protection. Rodent brush can be exposed to all elements, allows air to circulate and water to drain away.

The result is protected cables that allow the signalling network to keep the trains moving.


  • Simple to fit and remove for cable maintenance
  • Flame retardant brush material
  • Insulated core wire
  • Protective end caps
  • Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/01110

Help me choose

RODENTBRUSH is provided in standard lengths up 5 metres, ready to install. Brushes can be laid flat or coiled to fit your opening, simply select enough material to lay loosely in the area to be covered.

Dimensions and materials

Rodent Brush



Profile and dimensions
100 500 Black
100 1000 Black
100 2000 Black
100 5000 Black

All dimensions in mm


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