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Building and Construction

Building fit out and refurbishment

Sealing unwanted gaps is a fundamental part of any building fit out or refurbishment project and Sealing the gaps around doors is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy in your building. Direct from the UK’s largest brush strip manufacturer, SUPERSEAL closes gaps around doors, openings, cable and service access points on all commercial, industrial and residential buildings.​

Uncontrolled airflow through gaps around entrance doors, windows, access floors, elevator entrances causes loss of heating and cooling energy and significantly reduces a building’s thermal performance. Independent tests show that SUPERSEAL brush strip is up to 99% efficient in preventing air leakage, helping to maintain air conditioned environments, but keeping foyer areas clean and prevent discomfort for staff, customers and residents alike.

Inside, SUPERSEAL is an effective cold smoke and acoustic seal for internal doors, operable walls and partitions. For residential and domestic use, our draught proofing products are approved BS7386:1990.

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SUPERSEAL closes the large gaps around all types of roller doors, hinged, sliding and hanger doors without impairing door movement. SUPERSEAL reduces draughts, saves energy and seals against the intrusion rodents, dust and dirt. As a dock leveller infill, SUPERSEAL protects against the debris and odours that attract unwanted pests.

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> Industrial doors
> Dock levellers

Brush strip provides a simple and versatile solution to office and shopfitting cable management. As well as closing off unsightly gaps in desks and and point of sale displays, brush strip seals and grommets help to organise and position cables whilst still allowing free access to connect new equipment as required

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Brush strip seals form an integral part of data cabinet and computer room air manganagement. By closing the gaps around cable entry in cabinets and raised access flooring, brush strip seals reduce wasted cooling energy and improve equipment efficiency whilst maintaining free access to cabling.

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First impressions count, so maintaining the appearance and integrity commercial buildings is of prime importance. Whether you are preparing structural steel for fabrication or final finishing, restoring stonework, or cleaning curtain walling, we have a range of power tool and tufted brushes to get the job done.

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Water is one of the most destructive substances to a property. Left unattended, blocked gutters not only cause damage to the gutter itself, but also to the fabric of the building. SUPERSEAL Gutter brush helps keep gutters clear and in working order to protect any property from water damage.

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Not all openings in the fabric of your building are immediately obvious, but can be just as significant. SUPERSEAL closes gaps around sliding roofs, eaves and ducting to protect against uncontrolled airflow, debris and pest intrusion. Don’t foget about those letterboxes and loft hatches as these are also a source of valuable heat loss.

Oh and did we mention? SUPERSEAL is durable, simple to install and available from stock for next day delivery. If you need something slightly different, we can quickly tailor it with custom lengths, brush heights, fixing holes and carrier finishes, making it easier for you to get the job done.

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If you can’t find what you need from our standard range, we’ll design something for you. Simply ask and we’re happy to help.



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