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Materials Handling


​Our brushes not only protect conveyor systems and products, but can actually convey product themselves. From agriculture and pharmaceuticals, to electronics and fabricated products, our brushes clean, seal, guide and gently transport items without damage.

Any conveyor handling materials which may adhere to it requires cleaning, since the carry over will accumulate and cause unnecessary damage to the belt and rollers.

Axial strip roller brushes or tufted split core fitted under the head drum, removes all types of residues and provides continuous cleaning. Simple to maintain and virtually self cleaning, both axial and split core brushes can be replaced without removing the shaft.

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However automated your production conveyors, KOTI brushes provide that extra gentle touch. Whether it’s to guide, position or segregate product, prevent spillage from the conveyor sides, or to simply reduce that constant rattle, nothing beats the versatility and effectiveness of our brush laths, segments and brush strips.

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Paired roller brushes automatically clean chains, trolley wheels and brackets of overhead and floor conveyors while the system is in operation. Custom shaped to each conveyor profile, brushes will remove dirt, scale or residues, keeping the system clean and hygienic and reducing expensive down-time and manual cleaning.

Brush strip seals protect floor track and overhead conveying systems from dirt ingress, over-spray, fumes and heat

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Brush laths and brush plates are useful for supporting, guiding, pressing and transporting components without damaging sensitive surfaces or finishes. From fruit to electronics, our custom brush belts are indispensable for conveying delicate items with precise timing.

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