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Materials Handling

Earth Moving and Groundworks

Handling materials and aggregates for construction and groundworks requires equipment to operate reliably and efficiently. We provide an extensive range of roller brushes and sweeping brushes for all types of equipment to ensure that your handling processes run freely and effectively.‚Äč

Whether you are segregating materials or washing aggregates, if you are looking to refurbish your existing trommel screen brush or obtain a complete new assembly, KOTI-Dawson can do that for you.

We provide tufted roller, spiral strip roller and brush ring constructions with the optimum fill density and stiffness to keep your screens free and working effectively.

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Any conveyor handling materials which may adhere to it requires cleaning, since the carry over will accumulate and cause unnecessary damage to the belt and rollers.

Axial strip roller brushes or tufted split core fitted under the head drum, removes all types of residues and provides continuous cleaning. Simple to maintain and virtually self cleaning, both axial and split core brushes can be replaced without removing the shaft.

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