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Landscaping, Sport and Leisure

From the sports field to the concert hall, our brush solutions help create the perfect pitch. Whether sweeping and preparing the ground or deburring and polishing musical instruments, our brushes provide a flawless finish.​

A Perfect performance on the sports field invariably requires a perfect performance from the sports field. KOTI brushes are working continually to provide the best natural and artificial surfaces.

Besides picking up grass after mowing, specially designed tufted roller brushes and drag brushes are ideal for lifting grass prior to cutting, scarifying and top dressing, collecting moss, removing dew and striping.

Aggressively brushing artificial playing surfaces agitates the infill to prevent surface compaction, reduces the accumulation of algae, levels and maintains porosity of the surface.

Although artificial surfaces can never match the real thing, brush mats provide infinite possibilities to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts, whether practicing tee shots in golf or staying upright on skis.

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There are thousands of obstructions in our rivers, many of them manmade. Tufted brushes are widely known to facilitate upstream migration around locks and weirs, but elvers and fish are not the only beneficiaries. Specially installed tufted brushes, rigid enough to create back-currents and eddies for fish to climb, are also soft enough to allow canoes to pass over without damage.

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Simple to install, easy to clean and used extensively in ponds, fish farms and hatcheries, our twisted brushes are an efficient and cost effective method of partical filtration.

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Whether you are looking to strike the right note or simply make a strike, from deburring musical instruments to polishing bowling balls before coating, our circular brushes are will give the perfect finish.

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Whatever your activity, sport or profession, KOTI brushes are great for cleaning muddy boots and sports shoes. Lath brushes and rotary brushes keep the outdoors from coming indoors and prevent cross-contamination in hygiene critical areas.

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