Tufted roller brushes

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The numerous combinations of brush fill, density and tuft pattern makes this an extremely versatile roller brush for any application. Available complete with shaft, keyed or plain bore for fitting your own mounting system.


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The numerous combinations of brush fill, density and tuft pattern makes our tufted roller brushes one of our most versatile products.

Constructed on a range of standard size or custom made synthetic, wood, aluminium or steel cores, these roller brushes can be provided complete with shaft or plain bore, keyed or with internal thread for fitting your own shaft.

Using materials to suit your application, tufts of fill material are machine stapled or hand drawn into the core to the required pattern and density. Tufted roller brushes can be provided with flat or profiled brush faces and are ideal for powdering, pressurising, sweeping, transporting and washing.


  • Optimal flexibility in brush fill and patterns
  • Common core diameters available from stock
Core material: Synthetic, wood, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
Fill material: Synthetic, abrasive, wire, natural hair and fibre, or mixed materials
Fill colour: Colours available on request
Tuft angle Upright or angled
Tuft density Open, dense or very dense
Tuft method: Machine stapled, hand drawn or resin set
Tuft pattern In line, staggered, helical, chevron
Trim profile Straight or custom profiled

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How to configure your tufted roller brush

  • Brush type:
  • Brush length (BL):
  • Brush diameter (BD)
  • Fill material: (synthetic, natural hair or fibre)
  • Drill pattern: (open, dense or very dense)
  • Brush position (SL1):
  • Core diameter (KD):
  • Shaft length (SL):
  • Shaft diameter (SD)
  • Shaft end diameter (SD1) or shaft bore (SB):
  • Shaft material:
  • Additional machined features

If you want to see which materials might best suit your application, take a look at our quick guide to fill materials.

Dimensions and materials

Tufted roller brushes

Koti Tufted Roller Brush - Solid Core Drawing
KOTI-Dawson tufted roller brush
Dimensions Fill material Fill material
Type Core diameter Shaft diameter Brush length Brush diameter Synthetic Wire
KD SD BL (max) BD (min) Ø (max) Ø (max)
BW030 30 10 250 200 1.50 0.20
BW040 40 20 400 250 1.50 0.38
BW050 50 25 500 300 1.50 0.38
BW060 60 30 500 300 1.50 0.38
BW080 80 40 500 350 1.50 0.50
BW100 100 50 500 400 1.50 0.50

All dimensions in mm


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