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From static elimination, component cleaning and testing to data cabinet air management, KOTI brushes provide the perfect solution to keep electronic equipment running reliably and efficiently.

Brush strip seals form an integral part of data cabinet and computer room air manganagement. By closing the gaps around cable entry in cabinets and raised access flooring, brush strip seals reduce wasted cooling energy and improve equipment efficiency whilst maintaining free access to cabling.

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Cylindrical wire brushes effectively remove the insulated coating of electrical wiring prior to soldering and jointing.

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Fine conductive roller brushes lightly clean or convey PCB boards without damaging delicate components and creating static.

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Static generation is a problem in any equipment handling bank notes, paper, film and other synthetic materials. Crucial to process efficiency, safety and accuracy, STATSTRIP is a passive static eliminator designed to reduce static build up

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Conductive brushes enable efficient and reliable non-destructive holiday detection to test the integrity of corrosion protective coatings of pipes an surfaces.

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