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Protecting cables and cable entry points is a vital element in all telecom, data and signalling installations. Our brush solutions will close unsightly cable gaps, maintain computer air management systems and protect cables from rodent attack.

Brush strip seals form an integral part of data cabinet and computer room air manganagement. By closing the gaps around cable entry in cabinets and raised access flooring, brush strip seals reduce wasted cooling energy and improve equipment efficiency whilst maintaining free access to cabling.

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Brush strip provides a simple and versatile solution to office and shopfitting cable management. As well as closing off unsightly gaps in desks and and point of sale displays, brush strip seals and grommets help to organise and position cables whilst still allowing free access to connect new equipment as required.

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Electrical enclosures provide warm, dry nesting places for rodents where they can also indulge their natural instinct to chew. Rodent brush protects vital signalling and data cables from inquisitive rodents whilst allowing air to flow and water to drain freely.

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