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Military equipment and vehicles are required to be active in every environment. Our flexible brush solutions protect, seal and clean equipment with out impairing movement or damaging delicate surfaces.‚Äč

Required to operate in all environments, military equipment must withstand the rigours and destructive powers of sand and grit and water. Brush strip seals form a primary protection for rotating turrets, pivots, levers and doors, guarding equipment from irrevocable damage, increase downtime and maintenance costs. Conductive brush strip seals protect mission critical equipment from radio frequency interference.

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> Door sealing
> Shaft sealing
> Slot sealing
> Turret sealing
> Telescopic sealing

Tufted roller brushes and spiral roller brushes with differing fill configurations can be provided for gun barrel and cannister cleaning depending on the firing deposits and inhibiting lubricants. Brushes with mixed fill materials provide the perfect balance between scraping and polishing.

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Work tool and finishing brushes from RIB-KOTI are an integral part of any maintenace and engineering toolkit. Whatever preparation or finishing task you have in mind, we have the right style of brush and material to help you get the job done.

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