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Machinery and equipment

With ever increasing demands on productivity, machines tools and equipment routinely operate on a 24-7 basis with minimal downtime for maintenance. Our brush solutions keep processes moving smoothly whilst protecting users, equipment and components.‚Äč

Protecting users, machinery and equipment, brush strip seals help keep engineering environments safe and clean. Flexible brush strip guards machine doors, routing heads, hoppers and telescopic equipment keeping out swarf, dust, noise and light. Tufted brushes will apply pressure, support and guide components without damaging delicate surfaces.

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> Machine door sealing
> Slot sealing
> Vacuum extraction and machine head sealing
> Supporting components
> Guiding components

Bearings and shafts operating in dusty and dirty surroundings are most susceptible to early-life failure due to potential ingress of fine or abrasive particles. Wet environments can be even more difficult as emulsified oil and moisture emulsifies gets displaced to expose the race or roller.

Brush strip wipers acting as primary seals protect and extend the life of bearings and ball screws by preventing abrasive wear as a result of contaminants.

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