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Transportation and Infrastructure

Escalator and Elevator Safety

​With safety in mind, Escalator Safetystrip™ is designed to assist in the prevention of sidewall entrapment accidents on moving escalators.

Durable brush strip deflectors provide a tactile reminder to passengers to keep their feet and clothing away from the hazard zones, between the moving step and the stationery sidewall, reducing the risk of an entrapment incident. Simple to install and easy to maintain, our products are designed to comply with current European EN115 and American A17 codes.

Escalator Safetystrip™ is already installed on thousands of escalators worldwide including: metro systems, airports, department stores and shopping malls. Simple to install, Escalator Safetystrip™ can be factory fitted to new escalators or retro-fitted as part of a general installation or modernisation programme.

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Custom designed brush escalator handrail guards help protect against items becoming entrapped in the openings where the handrail re-enters the balustrade. Brush guards can be provided and refurbished for all types of escalator. Contact us for details

Elevator Guard provides an effective and aesthetic solution to the problem of small fingers and being trapped in sliding elevator doors. The fact that children like to press their hands against glass doors has led to incidents of entrapment when the doors open. Elevator Guard is also an effective cold smoke seal and can help reduce wind noise and heat loss in lobby areas.

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