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Transportation and Infrastructure

Air and airports

Whether on the ground clearing runways of snow and debris, or in the air​ sealing doors, panels and moving parts, our brush solutions keep aircraft and airports operational 24/7.

Brush solutions on the ground

Wherever there are moving parts, brush strip seals against air infiltration, dirt, dust, noise and rodent intrusion. Proven to be up to 98% effective in preventing air leakage, durable SUPERSEAL brush strip closes gaps around terminal entrance doors, sliding platform screen doors, telescopic passenger boarding bridges and aircraft hanger doors, improving the environment for personnel and passengers alike.

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During the winter months, our runway brushes are indispensable on airports and airfields. Runways soon become unusable with snow and ice, so to ensure airplanes can take-off and land safely, runway brushes or airport brushes are used as a part of the cleaning routine.

Manufactured from high quality materials, resistant to all weather conditions, our runway brushes not only remove snow, but also other objects such as debris from operating areas. As we manufacture the airport brushes in house, we can supply airports directly and are one of the main airport suppliers worldwide.

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With safety in mind, Escalator Safetystrip™ is designed to assist in the prevention of sidewall entrapment accidents on moving escalators.

Durable brush strip deflectors provide a tactile reminder to passengers to keep their feet and clothing away from the hazard zones, between the moving step and the stationery sidewall, reducing the risk of an entrapment incident. Escalator Safetystrip™ is already installed on thousands of escalators worldwide including: metro systems, airports, department stores and shopping malls.

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Work tool and finishing brushes from RIB-KOTI are an integral part of any maintenace and engineering toolkit. Whatever preparation or finishing task you have in mind, we have the right style brush of brush and material for to help you get the job done.

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Brush strip provides a simple and versatile solution to office and shopfitting cable management. As well as closing off unsightly gaps in desks and and point of sale displays, brush strip seals and grommets help to organise and position cables whilst still allowing free access to connect new equipment as required

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Brush solutions in the air

In the air, Kleeneze-KOTI has extensive experience in providing sealing solutions for aircraft, helicoptor, and component manufacturers to seal gaps around doors, lever slots, and moving parts in wings and undercarriage.

Similarly, in cabin fit out, custom designed brushes close gaps to block light, noise and ingress of foreign objects on seating, privacy panels and galley components.

Brush strip filaments offer low frictional resistance, will adapt to irregular surfaces and operate in low and high temperatures.

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From rough surface preparation to fine finishing our brushes provide an accurate and dependable solution.

Abrasive disc brushes work to ensure optimal component performance and production efficiency by removing burrs and sharp edges from engine and transmission components whilst interior brushes clean and polish intersecting holes and bores in machined parts. Circular and disc brushes smooth body panels prior to painting and coating.

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