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Transportation and Infrastructure


Automotive vehicles for moving people, delivering goods and serving our communities come in all shapes and sizes. Our brushes are indispensable for the construction, finishing and sealing of cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural, construction and military equipment.

We work closely with automotive and component manufacturers to provide a complete range of brush solutions for all aspects of automotive production and design.

From rough surface preparation to fine finishing our brushes provide an accurate and dependable solution.

Abrasive disc brushes work to ensure optimal component performance and production efficiency by removing burrs and sharp edges from engine and transmission components whilst interior brushes clean and polish intersecting holes and bores in machined parts. Circular and disc brushes smooth body panels prior to painting and coating.

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The presence of even the tiniest particles of dust can cause paintwork blemishes during painting. Ostrich feather roller brushes remove dust and electrostatic charges from the bodywork during the paint and finishing processes

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The tread accounts for a fraction of the cost of a new tyre. Retreading a tyre casing saves money, helps extend the lifespan of tyres and reduces manufacturing CO2 emissions. From initial cleaning, roughing and casing repair, to tread buffing and building, RIB-KOTI brushes ensure the quality, safety and efficiency needed at every stage of the retreading process.

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Kleeneze-KOTI has extensive experience in providing brush strip sealing solutions in all kinds of automotive applications. Custom designed brush strips close the gaps around handbrakes, gear levers and handles, seats and belts, sliding doors and hinges to block light, noise and ingress of foreign objects.

Flexible brush strip filaments seal cab doors and windows on construction on agricultural vehicles, close gaps on coach built drop down beds and slide out sections, roller doors and access panels on specialist vehicles, bespoke and temperature controlled trailers.

Brush strip filaments offer low frictional resistance, will adapt to irregular surfaces and opertae in low and high temperatures.

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Automated machine parts routinely operate on a 24-7 basis with minimal downtime for maintenance and can be susceptable to dust, air infiltration, sound, spray and entrapment. The unique properties of brush strip and lath brush are ideal for sealing machine parts, supporting, storing and transporting delicate components.

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Roller brushes keep floor track and overhead conveyor mechanisms clean whilst brush strip protects against overspray and contaminents in finishing booths.

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Work tool and finishing brushes from RIB-KOTI are an integral part of any maintenace and engineering toolkit. Whatever preparation or finishing task you have in mind, we have the right style brush and material for you to help you get the job done.

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