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Transportation and Infrastructure


Under the water, on the water or out of it, our brush solutions keep vessels moving, equipment protected and the environment clean.‚Äč

When it comes to fabrication, surface preparation and finishing, KOTI brushes provide a reliable and effective solution for descaling, deburring, and preparation of surfaces prior to painting and coating.

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Maintaining the integrity of the hull not only prolongs the lifespan of the vessel, but also improves efficiency and lowers fuel consumption. Whether out of water, or fitted to underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV), cleaning with strong tufted disc brushes remove barnacles and other sea life which adhere it.

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Marine equipment is required to be operational in every environment, so protecting transmission, navigational and miltary systems from the ingress harmful contaminants is vital. Ideal for sealing transmission shafts, turrets, hatches or doors, brush strip filaments offer low frictional resistance, adapt to irregular surfaces and operate in extremes of temperature.

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Oil skimmers use interchangeable roller brushes with oleophilic filaments to recover spilled oil and reject the water. The rotating brushes draw in a flow of oil, picks it up and transfers it into a skimmer sump before being pumped away.

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