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However automated your conveying and packing line may be, you can count our brush solutions to provide that extra gentle touch to wrap it up safely and securely.​

Whether it’s to guide and position cans, bottles or cartons, apply pressure to labels and wrapping or to simply reduce that constant rattle, nothing beats the versatility and effectiveness of our brush laths, segments and brush strips to apply that extra gentle touch.

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> Guiding or applying pressure
> Cleaning

Handling plastic film and foils presents it’s own particular problems. Tufted roller brushes spread webs of film, foil and paper evenly to keep them clear of creases and wrinkles whilst brush laths will insert, fold and seal plastic bags.

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> Film and web handling
> Folding and sealing

The generation of static is especially problematic in processing film, paper and other synthetic materials. Statstrip is a passive static eliminator designed to reduce static build up. Simple and cost effective, it can easily be fitted to most process equipment to keep your web lines running free.

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