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Manufacturing and Processing

Paper and Printing

Whether directing or guiding paper to prevent creasing, discharging static or cleaning offset printing foils and plates, our brush solutions will keep your web processes running smoothly.‚Äč

Circular tufted brushes ensure a smooth feed of paper and card through web presses whilst spreader rollers keep paper, film and card free of creases and wrinkles.

Spiral strip roller brushes with soft, natural fill materials are ideal for removing dust, glazing and polishing the paper and card before brush laths or strips take over to hold down and stop and stack cut sheets.

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Plate processing brushes, wash brushes and spray dampening brushes are integral to the quality of sheet fed and web printing. In addition to OEM, our brush roller refurbishment service ensures that your process operates to the highest standards.

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The generation of static is especially problematic in processing film and paper. Statstrip is a passive static eliminator designed to reduce static build up. Simple and cost effective, it can easily be fitted to most process equipment to keep your web lines running free.

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