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Utilities, Energy and Environment

Water Treatment

Integral to many aspects of water treatment and de-watering, our custom brush solutions keep plant and equipment clear and effective. From pipeline construction to weirs, launders, screens and even UV treatment, custom designed brushes clean, prevent clogs, reduce wear and improve flow rates.‚Äč

The effective removal of material in preliminary water treatment and screening is crucial to ensure grading and safeguard down stream equipment from clogs, jams and excessive wear.

Sealing and cleaning belt screens and trommel screens, not only reduces the bypass of unwanted materials, it improves flow rates, increases efficiency and reduces maintenance.

Spiral brush strip improves the effectiveness of auger screws in separating solids from liquid. Brush strip keeps the screen clear of debris, ensuring low head loss and makes the auger virtually self cleaning.

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> Augers
> Belt screen cleaning
> Drum screen cleaning
> Drum screen sealing

Designed to clean weirs and launders of clarifier and thickener basins, tufted roller brushes will adapt to all profiles, no matter how irregular. Thorough cleaning reduces accumulation of solids which cause blockages and uneven flow, and prevent the build up of debris and algae on channel floors and walls.

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Micro organisms, including bacteria, are naturally part of our everyday lives, but not all are harmless. We manufacture a range of brush strip wipers to clean UV water treatment lamps that control bacteria in our water supplies.

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Work tool and finishing brushes from RIB-KOTI are an integral part of any maintenace and engineering toolkit. Whatever preparation or finishing task you have in mind, we have the right style of brush and material to help you get the job done.

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From the cut back of pipeline coatings and deburring of cut ends, to the removal of residues prior to seam welding, our extensive range circular and twist knot brushes are the perfect combination for all your oil, gas, water and process pipeline construction needs.

Twisted in wire interior brushes or circular pigging brushes keep commissioned pipelines clean to maintain output or remove flow settlement prior to routine checking for defects.

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> Cut back and deburring
> Weld clean up
> Internal cleaning