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Utilities, Energy and Environment

Energy generation and distribution

Whether keeping rodents away from power cables, preventing the ingress of dirt and debris or allowing the sun to shine through on solar panels, our custom brush solutions protect and care for the equipment that generates and distributes the energy we use.​

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘clean energy’ but KOTI brushes really do help keep it clean and renewable. Often located in remote, dusty environments, tufted brushes keep solar panels working effectively by removing the dirt, dust, sand and bird droppings which obscure sunlight and won’t wash away with the rain.

Whilst wind turbines rely on a strong gust of wind to keep the blades turning, brush strips seal the rotating turrets from the ingress of dirt and other elements that may be driven in and foul sensitive equipment.

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Electrical sub-stations and enclosures provide warm, dry nesting places for rodents where they can also indulge their natural instinct to chew. SUPERSEAL is effective in deterring pests and our RODENTBRUSH protects cables from inquisitive rodents whilst allowing air to flow and water to drain freely.

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Effective screening in cooling water intake systems is crucial to remove debris before water is circulated to power plant components. Brush strip seals prevent debris passing between drum screens and the retaining wall.

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Work tool and finishing brushes from RIB-KOTI are an integral part of any maintenance and engineering toolkit. Whatever preparation or finishing task you have in mind, we have the right style of brush and material to help you get the job done.

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