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Utilities, Energy and Environment

Sweeping and Cleaning

​We all want to live in a cleaner and better environment. Here at KOTI, we understand the challenges of keeping our roads, pavements, workplaces and public spaces clean.

KOTI offers a complete range of performance brushes that work to improve the look and feel of our communities. Regardless of the environment you are working in, whether it is to sweep up debris and litter, remove weeds or even remove snow in winter, we can help you get the job done.

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> Road and ground sweeping
> Gutter and weed clearance
> Ground maintenance

During the winter months, our runway brushes are indispensable on airports and airfields. Runways soon become unusable with snow and ice, so to ensure airplanes can take-off and land safely, runway brushes or airport brushes are used as a part of the cleaning routine.

Manufactured from high quality materials, resistant to all weather conditions, our runway brushes not only remove snow, but also other objects such as debris from operating areas. As we manufacture the airport brushes in house, we can supply airports directly and are one of the main airport suppliers worldwide.

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