Axial strip roller brushes

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Axial strip roller brushes constructed on a tubular steel core with either synthetic, wire or natural fill materials to suit your application.

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Axial strip roller brushes provides a rugged, problem-free and economical solution for heavy duty cleaning applications such as raw material handling and conveyor cleaning. Constructed on a reusable core, the brush strips can be easily unclamped for cleaning or replacement without having to removing the whole roller from its mounting.

A comprehensive range of synthetic, wire, natural hair, fibre and abrasive material is available to suit all kinds of applications. Mounted axially around the core and offered in 6, 8 or 12 strip options, the helical or chevron configured brush strips ensure constant contact with the surface to be cleaned.


  • Suitable for heavy duty cleaning applications
  • Economic and simple to maintain
  • Replace the brushes without dismantling the whole roller
  • Optional end plates for addition brush stability

Brush strips can be provided in axial, LH helix, RH helix or chevron configuration.

Help me choose

To help you choose your ideal Roller Brush solution, we need to know a few details. It also helps if you can tell us a little about your application. Please refer to our available dimensions and materials, but if you’re not quite sure what you need or would like some advice, simply get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

How to configure your Axial strip roller brush

  • Brush type:
  • Brush length (BL):
  • Brush diameter (BD)
  • Fill material: (synthetic, natural hair or fibre)
  • Number of axial strips:
  • Configuration: (LH helix, RH helix or chevron)
  • Brush position (SL1):
  • Shaft length (SL):
  • Shaft diameter (SD)
  • Shaft end diameter (SD1) & (SD2):
  • Shaft material:
  • End plates required: Yes or No
  • Additional machined features

If you want to see which materials might best suit your application, take a look at our quick guide to fill materials.

Dimensions and materials

Axial strip roller brushes

KOTI Axial Strip Roller Brushes

Profile and dimensions Fill material
Type Core
of strips
Synthetic Wire
KB BD (min -max) BL (min – max) Ø (max) Ø (max)
BWSPN302-50 50 6 150 550 – 2500 0.6 0.2
BWSPN302-80 50 8 200 – 250 550 – 4000 0.6 0.2
BWSPN302-100 50 12 220 – 250 550 – 4000 0.6 0.2

All dimensions are in mm


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